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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

Why choose St Thomas More Sixth Form?

  • You will have daily contact with a Form Tutor who will be available to help and advise you alongside Mrs Smith and Mrs Bernard, Directors of Sixth Form. This continuity of approach makes this environment a very secure one for most students
  • You will be taught in relatively small groups for your subjects. This will allow closer contact with teaching staff and a great chance for help and support if things become difficult
  • You can pursue an A Level route or mix A Levels with Level 3 BTEC qualifications
  • The Extended Project Qualification is compulsory to your Year 12 curriculum. The qualification is highly regarded by employers and universities as it demonstrates student’s commitment to an independent project which develops self-motivation, analysis and evaluation skills.



You will be able to benefit from numerous privileges associated with the Sixth Form.

  • You have access to a fully equipped Sixth Form Leadership and Learning Centre with full time Student Support Staff.
  • Our Learning Centre Manager, will support with mentoring, academic development as well as planning and organisational skills.  
  • You will not be expected to wear school uniform
  • You will have access to Canteen facilities throughout the day


Our Mission as a school means that we are determined to create ‘outstanding leaders’ to shape our local and global community. Our contract to you focuses on the pursuit of excellence, it is our challenge to enable you to achieve your potential and beyond.


To achieve the academic standards, the school expects a high degree of commitment from its students. In exchange, the students should feel an entitlement to high standards from the school. This forms the basis of the Sixth Form Contract.

Our Sixth Form is student centred. We provide the kind of experience that will allow all students to progress to either University, Apprenticeships or Employment. We are extremely proud of the support you will receive in achieving both your academic goals and ensuring that you are happy. With a dedicated Sixth Form team, your worries and concerns will be addressed whether academic or pastoral. 

With numerous A level courses and Level 3 BTEC courses we provide a flexible curriculum which enables a mixture of these courses to be taken. Teaching is regularly monitored to ensure you receive the best learning experience. At St Thomas More there is a strong and caring community with an emphasis on support for excellent achievement. We place high emphasis on respect and positive behaviour, which ensures the Sixth Form is a safe place to learn.

Throughout the year we give every student the opportunity to ensure they are encouraged to become more independent in readiness for their future avenues. For example all students take part in volunteering in the community and in school, have the opportunity to be a student duty leader, gain work experience where possible and ensure that they contribute to the life of the school. Tutor time is compulsory, a vital time to ensure preparation for progression is clear and that tutors have the best relationships to support and get to know you.



  • You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership role within the school. This takes many forms but includes: Head Boy / Girl and Deputy Head Boy / Girl, Paid Duty Supervisors, acting as guides on Open Evenings, organising Sixth Form social events etc.
  • Extra time in the safe environment of the school could allow you to mature and develop personal and leadership skills that will be useful in adult life.
  • Enrichment is a core part of your curriculum. As well as developing students into well rounded individuals, skills and resilience developed through the programmes can be evidenced on personal statements for University and workplace/apprenticeships applications. Enrichment includes internal and external volunteer work, Literacy and Numeracy Leaders, Young Enterprise, Sports Leadership,  organising school events and many, many more


Financial Support


As a leader of our school we believe that you have been called to belong and contribute to our Christian Community. We believe in your gifts and values as a child of God and we have much to look forward to with you as a central part of our community.

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