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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

Educational trips and visits provide such an enriching experience to all our students and staff that participate. The trips that we run at St Thomas More are aimed to build self-confidence & self-reliance all while making learning fun and memorable. We are really lucky at St Thomas More that so many dedicated staff are willing to give their time and energy in planning and delivering such diverse opportunities.  We encourage all of our pupils to get involved in our trips and we ensure that the trips that we run are available to every pupil at St Thomas More.

There have been a variety of successful trips that have been run over the past few years; this even includes trips to Paris, New York & Iceland. We feel that all trips that we run inspire our pupils in their learning, regardless of whether it is a 5 minute car journey away or an 8 hour plane ride, the children will take something different from each individual trip.

Your family and friends can follow many of our school trips on the departmental Twitter accounts - don't forget to ask your teacher about it before you go!