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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

What is Physical Education in 6th Form about?


Head of Department: E. Quinn

Teaching Staff: H. Biggins, J. Hopkins, R. Allen


A Level/BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma

Examination Board:


What does the course consist of?

The A-level comprises two units, consisting of one written exam and one internal assessment with external mderation.

A2 Examination for A-level Award 2581

Unit 3 – PHED3

  • Optimising performance and evaluating contemporary issues within sport.
  • 84 marks, 30% of the A-level
  • 2 hour written examination

Three sections:

  • Section A – how exercise physiology can optimise performance
  • Section B – how application of psychological knowledge can optimise performance
  • Section C – contemporary influences in sport and their impact on the performer

Unit 4 – PHED4

  • Optimising practical performance in a competitive situation
  • 120 marks, worth 20% of the A-level
  • Internal assessment with external moderation

Students perform, analyse and evaluate their own performance, identify areas of performance they could improve, and suggest causes and appropriate corrective measures.

BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma

The BTEC course consists of 7 written units of coursework made up of between 3 and 5 assignments each. 

  • Unit 1 - Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit 2 - The Physiology of Fitness
  • Unit 3 - Assessing Risk in Sport
  • Unit 7 - Fitness Testing for Sport & Exercise
  • Unit 13 - Leadership in Sport
  • Unit 17 - Psychology for Sport Performance
  • Unit 28 - The Athlete's Lifestyle

Whom does the subject suit?

An able sports person with a deeper interest in all aspects of physical activity, sport,  physical recreation & healthy lifstyles.

What books can I read to get a sense of the subject?

See PE staff

What websites are useful to look at?

See PE staff

What might the subject lead on to? 

Various careers in the sport & leisure industry, teaching/coaching, public services, medical services