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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

What is A Level Environmental Studies about?


Head of Department: Miss Goodman

Teaching Staff: Miss Goodman and Mrs Maddams


A-Level Environmental Studies

Examination Board:


What does the course consist of?

A-level Environmental Studies gives students in-depth knowledge of, and informed insight into the environment and the processes that control and affect it. Key themes of the course include areas  such as 'Energy production', ‘Wildlife Conservation’, ‘Pollution’, ‘Global Climate Change’, 'Geology and impact of mining',  'Food production' and ‘Sustainability’

Whom does the subject suit?

Environmental studies suits anyone interested in getting beyond the headlines about environmental issues and discovering the science behind the stories. You will answer questions such as ‘What is going wrong?’ and ‘How do we fix it?’. For those wishing to study just one science subject, Environmental Studies is ideal as it is so broad.

What might the subject lead on to?

Environmental Studies is a worthwhile choice for students who are particularly interested in studying Biology, Geography and Environmental Science at degree level or who are considering a career in ecology, countryside management, wildlife conservation, marine biology and planning.