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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

“How you present yourself makes a difference”

The way that you dress is important  - it reflects the respect that you have for yourself and the community in which you learn and work.  As a Sixth Form student you should be dressed suitably as if going to a place of formal work.

We encourage you to be stylish yet 'clean, smart and presentable', supporting your status as a role model to the younger students in the school.  We expect you to be able to make the right choices, however, the school will use its discretion to decide whether a student's dress is appropriate.

Appropriate Dress

  • Students should wear clothing of a modest nature suitable for a learning environment and should therefore not be revealing or too short
  • Jump suits can be worn provided shoulders are covered and they are of a modest length   
  • Knee length shorts are allowed in hot weather
  • In hot weather Maxi dresses are allowed provided shoulders are covered
  • In hot weather Vest tops may be worn, providing they have a wide strap (approx. 1 inch min)
  • T-shirts or polo style shirts with non-offensive logos, slogans or statements are allowed 
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn - no flip-flops and heels should be of a reasonable height
  • Sixth Formers will be expected to dress in business attire at different times throughout the year [e.g. Mass/Leadership Days] to show their leadership of the school community
  • Leggings need to be worn with an appropriate length top

Inappropriate Dress:

  • Bodycon skirts, miniskirts or hot pants (including denim hot pants)/short non-tailored shorts are not allowed as they are inappropriate for a learning environment
  • Clothing displaying offensive logos, slogans or statements are not acceptable
  • Football / Team strips and shirts displaying specific team insignia are inappropriate
  • Bare midriffs are not acceptable
  • Tops with thin straps or strapless tops are not acceptable
  • Ripped jeans and tights
  • Dyed hair that is not a natural tone is not acceptable  
  • No hats, bandannas or caps may be worn inside buildings

Acceptable Jewellery

  • All items of jewellery should be of a modest nature.
  • A modest approach would see simple single studs in each ear (maximum of two per ear).
  • A single small, discrete nose stud is acceptable should you wish
  • No other visible facial/body piercing, including nose rings will be allowed as part of acceptable dress

If you are in clothing that is in our opinion inappropriate for a school work setting then you will be challenged.  The question that will be put to you more often than not will be: Would you think it would be appropriate for a teacher to wear what you are wearing today?

As such, standards of appearance in school are our mutual responsibility.  

The final decision as to what is, or is not appropriate dress, lies with the Director of Sixth Form.

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