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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

What is A Level Chemistry about?


Acting Head of Science- Mr J Brown

Teaching Staff: Mr Chapman, Mr Newman, Dr Ragni,


A-Level Chemistry.

Examination Board:


What does the course consist of?

During this course you will study the theoretical background to why chemical reactions occur and why different materials possess their particular properties. The aims of the course are to develop your interest in chemistry, to appreciate how society makes decisions about scientific issues, to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and to develop knowledge and understanding of different areas of chemistry and how they relate to each other.

Whom does the subject suit?

Anyone interested in understanding numerous processes that occur on the planet, whether inside the earth, in the atmosphere or in biological organisms.

What might the subject lead on to?

A chemistry qualification is widely recognised as evidence of logical thinking and an interest in the world around you. A pass at A Level is essential for a chemistry degree as well as for medicine and veterinary qualifications. It is strongly recommended for those taking biological sciences, but links in well with other subjects. It can be taken as the only science at A Level, because although chemistry contributes well to other subjects, it does not rely on knowledge from other areas, although to do well, you must have confidence in basic mathematical methods.