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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

What is A Level Biology about?


Acting Head of Science- Mr J Brown

Teaching Staff: Mrs Bonham, Mr Cropley,


A-Level Biology

Examination Board:


What does the course consist of?

A-level Biology is a challenging, rewarding course that helps students to develop skills and knowledge. It builds on the concepts and skills developed in the GCSE. Key themes of the course include areas such as ‘Biological molecules’, ‘Cells’, ‘Genetic information’, and ‘Relationships between organisms’.

Whom does the subject suit?

Anyone interested in the human body and the environment around us. You will answer questions such as ‘How do our cells replicate?’ and ‘How is the heart beat coordinated?’.

What might the subject lead on to?

Biology can lead on to a number of different courses as it demonstrates higher thinking skills and excellent analytical skills. Students who take A-level Biology go on to study a range of courses including Medicine, Veterinary Science, Sports Science, Forensic Science, Archaeology, Food Science, Nutrition, Dentistry, Marine Biology, Zoology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and many more. Alternatively, many students take Biology to broaden their subject choices or just because they enjoy it!