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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

What do we mean by AG&T?


Description: is no universal agreement on exactly what it means to be 'gifted' or 'gifted and talented'. In reality, this terminology means different things to different people: academics, psychologists, teachers, parents and children themselves all have their own perception of what it means to be 'gifted and talented'. Historically, the word 'gifted' is associated high intelligence (IQ) and as such would seem to require a formal measurement of this intelligence.

Within the school setting, 'gifted' tends to refer to higher abilities in academic subjects; whilst 'talented' has been introduced to cover higher abilities in sport, the arts and leadership. This has been further developed to represent attributes that could be seen across all subjects, with ‘gifted’ meaning how you think about or approach a subject and ‘talented’ representing a skill within a subject.

In England, the original definition of 'gifted and talented' provided by the Department for Education was:

"Children and young people with one or more abilities developed significantly ahead of their year group or with the potential to develop these abilities."

Description: is generally the definition that is still in use in schools in England.

Able (High Potential), Gifted or Talented pupils include those who show achievement or potential ability in a wide range of contexts. They may have specific academic ability or ability in a specific subject area(s).

Most Able

Students understand what they need to do to be able to reach the highest grade and work towards achieving it with enthusiasm. They have the ability to work independently and to deadlines, keeping the pace high, but know when to ask for advice.


Students understand the nature of the subject and can use this to challenge constructively, even if sometimes argumentatively. Their analysis is thorough and shows deep thinking, and the questions that they ask show that they can deal with the abstract.


Students have a skill that makes them stand out in a particular discipline, task or field within the subject. Their ability level in this area is accomplished for their age, but this may not be transferable across the whole subject.

Dual or Multiple Exceptionalities

Students with a disability or other special educational need or additional educational need, that is also able, gifted or talented.

We were granted the NACE challenge award and have been recognised for the extensive work with and opportunities open to Able, Gifted and Talented.


“Assessors were impressed by the strong leadership and management of provision which keeps the needs of more able learners at the forefront of the school’s work. Accreditation was made on the basis of the high quality and commitment seen across the school.”