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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

What is KS3 Science about?


Acting Head of Science- Mr J Brown

Teaching Staff: Mr D Newman, Mrs M Milroy, Mr A Cropley, Dr M Ragni

What does the course consist of?

Year 7

Course description:  Students study a condensed KS3 scheme of work.  The work focuses on the three key areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  The topics covered include cells, tissues and organs, particles, circuits, body systems, levers,  chemical reactions and genetics.  Students develop skills in all of these areas, including developing practical and enquiry skills as well as learning to communicate and collaborate.

Assessment of Science this year is based on the work students do in class throughout the year combined with their results from "end of topic" tests.


Year 8

Course description:  Students learn topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  These include: Light, Photosynthesis; Acids and Alkali’s, reproduction, waves and space

Students are assessed in Scientific content and also in: Working Scientifically; Understanding the applications and implications of Science; Communicating and collaborating in Science; Using investigative approaches; and Working critically with evidence. In year 8 there is also an opportunity for extended research with a science project leading to a externally assessed science fair.

Following the rigorous KS3 curriculum all students will then study for GCE’s in separate science in year 9.


What might the subject lead on to?

All students will go on to study science at GCSE. Students may follow one of two courses, double science or triple science.