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St Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

St Thomas More
Catholic Secondary School

What is KS3 Geography about?

During Years 7,8 and 9 we aim to engage pupils in the wonderful World of Geography.  We have devised schemes of learning that cover a variety of contemporary geographical issues.  The schemes of learning have been planned to incorporate geographical skills required at GCSE in order to better prepare our students who choose Geography as an option subject at the end of Year 9.


  • Head of Department: Mr G Millard
  • Teaching Staff: Mrs P Brazier, Mr A Kennard

What does the course consist of?

Geography in Year 7

  • Plate Tectonics: studying earthquakes, volcanoes, supervolcanoes and tsunamis.
  • Africa ‘A Continent of Contrasts’: A study of the diverse African continent that encapsulates both Human and Physical Geography elements.
  • Coasts: A study of the coastal environment focusing on landforms found and how humans use and protect the coastline.

Geography in Year 8

  • Development
  • India: a country study of a developing nation, encompassing human and physical elements

Geography in Year 9 – consists of schemes of learning that have been adapted from current GCSE modules.

  • Changing Urban Environments: Study of how urban environments have changed in contrasting regions of the world focusing on the UK and Brazil.
  • The Living World: The study of a variety of World biomes including rainforest, deserts (both hot and cold) and the tundra.
  • Local fieldwork: pupils are presented with a hypothesis that then must prove or disprove by collecting data, presenting the data, analysing in reference to the hypothesis and finally evaluate their methods of data collection and the validity of their results.

What might the subject lead on to?

Studying GCSE Geography.